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Black Limousine 2010

Jack McKenzie is a professional movie composer, who's just finished working on the soundtrack for a big budget Hollywood Sci-Fi movie called The Land of the Astronauts. Unfortunately, the movie turns out to be a major box office bomb, and Jack's out of work again. To make ends meet, he gets a job as a limo driver and quickly bonds with his famous client Thomas Bower - a popular Australian actor working in L.A. who happens to be a fan of his work. He also meets wild Hollywood party girl Erica at an AA meeting he attends and falls for her. In time, the deceptive nature of those around him, the constant pressure he feels from his ex-wife and her hostile boyfriend who also happens to be his ex lawyer, and his own unbearable feeling of guilt over the accidental death of his youngest daughter push Jack to the verge of insanity. As a consequence, he starts seeing the real world around him as a waking dream.

Genre:  Drama

Release Date:  October 19, 2010

Length:  1h 42mins

Budget:  $2,000,000 (estimated)

Director:  Carl Colpaert

Writers:  Carl ColpaertDomenic Siclari (screenplay)

Stars:  David ArquetteBijou PhillipsVivica A. Fox


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