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About Samaco Films

Samaco Films, which possesses an impressive slate of high concept and/or niche, independent films, is wholly owned and operated by independent film producer Franco Sama.

As an independent producer, I have decided that it is finally about time that I share the wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight I have gained over the past decade (having produced and/or executive produced over twenty successful independent feature films) with those of you who are either just beginning to embark on a film career or to provide tips for those of you whom have already made your mark on the film industry. Whether you are a writer, producer, director or any other entertainment industry professional, it is my hope and intention that this blog will provide you with much of the basic, fundamental information, know-how, and inspiration that you may need to help you get your project off the ground or complete it. So, keep your eyes on our blog for daily tips, definitions, challenges, and anecdotes, we look forward to your feedback and wish you the best of luck on all of your endeavors.

Samaco Films’ principle and founder, a fifteen-year veteran, celebrity publicist Franco Sama who began his illustrious career working with such Hollywood greats as Francis Ford Coppola, Will Smith, and Lynn Redgrave has, in just six short years, produced and/or executive produced over twenty-two feature films.

Current Samaco films

Black Limousine with David Arquette, Vivica Fox, and Bijou Phillips. Guns, Girls and Gambling debuted in Theatres in December of 2012, starring Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, Dane Cook, Powers Booth. Petunia, starring Brittany Snow, Thora Birch and Academy Award Winner Christine Lahti has already received several awards at the festivals.

Sama also has several films going into production before the end of this year including:

Samaco Films can aid in all phases of film financing and development. These development phase elements include; finding investors, what to say to investors, the importance of coverage, proper budgeting & scheduling, the critical component of foreign sales estimates, pre-sales and minimum guarantees, distribution, casting “bankable” lead characters, making actor offers, attorneys and legal considerations, acquiring domestic distribution, state tax incentives and rebates, cash flow funding and much more.

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