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Development Program

Development Program

Development Executives:

Mark Heidelberger


Scripted Series

Unscripted/Reality Shows

Game Shows

Filming Location

Project Analysis



  • Reading and breakdown analysis of a pilot episode

  • Review of any/all initial materials (i.e. bible, look-book, pitch materials, Etc.) 

  • All projects submitted must complete the Project Analysis. 

  • If the project were accepted into the Development Program, the following pricing would apply:


Level 1:

Initial Development Package

Inquire for Pricing


  • Comprehensive story development

  • Develop/create project bible (not including graphic design*)

  • Written notes and feedback on pilot script

  • Zoom, phone and/or in-person consultations (60 Days)

Filming a Scene

Level 2: Comprehensive Package

Inquire for Pricing

(includes Level 1)


  • Pilot breakdown, budget & schedule

  • Creation of supplemental pitch deck (not including graphic design*)

  • Two rounds of development notes for each

  • Subsequent episode’s script (recurring @ $1500 per episode)

  • Query letter review and revisions

  • Zoom, phone and/or in-person consultations (90 Days)

Production Crew

Level 3:

Sales, Showcase & Pitch Package

Inquire for Pricing

(includes Levels 1 & 2)


  • Distribution analysis

  • Pitch coaching

  • Key Introductions

  • Outreach to broadcasters and streaming services

  • Meetings (when possible/applicable)

  • Zoom, phone and/or in-person consultations (120 Days)

*Note: Pitch Deck, Look-Book and Bible Graphic Design are available for separate cost(s)

For A 30 Minute Free Consultation

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