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Film Reels


1. What is The Firm?


The Firm is an acronym for “Finance Indie Road Map” and addresses the educational, practical and financing needs of independent feature filmmakers whether they are embarking on producing their first or second independent feature film (on budgets ranging from $1M to $3M).


2. Why do I need The Firm?


Most first and second time filmmakers make the same preventable mistakes and usually end up losing money for their investors.  They do this by approaching investors WAY too soon and without enough knowledge and support documents to justify an investor’s investment into their film.  


The Firm provides a “roadmap” to successfully completing and selling your film.  We will partner you with top industry professionals who will guide through the entire development process.


3. What is the “Development” Process that The Firm offers?


We will provide you with the knowledge and training necessary for pitching to investors and provide the resources to compile an impressive investor proposal/presentation/pitch deck.  These items include a complete script analysis assessing your project from both a creative perspective as well as a commercial viability evaluation, a complete production budget and schedule, a prominent casting director to consult on the casting considerations, a worldwide film sales representative who will provide accurate sales estimates and/or valuations, an expert production attorney who will guide you through all legal matters and protect your interests and your intellectual property and a post-production supervising consultant to track your deliverable prior to distribution.


4. Does The Firm also provide Film Financing for my film?


Once your film completes the development phase we will actively begin to raise the funds for qualifying projects.  Although there is no guarantee of financing, Samaco Films, LLC has the resources to provide funding via a myriad of sources including monetizing tax incentives, acquiring and monetizing pre-sales and minimum guarantees from distribution outlets, gap financing.


5. How do I find out if I qualify for the program and determine the cost?


Samaco Films, LLC offers a free 30-minute phone consultation to establish eligibility and commitment level after which a private, one-on-one consultation will be arranged at our downtown Los Angeles offices.  


If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation, click the tab below to register.

6. Investors


Samaco Films, LLC has direct access to a multitude of independent film funding sources ranging from individual private equity, institutional equity, Bridge Loan Funding, and Tax Credit and Debt funding.


These potential fundings sources are made available to every film project that successfully completes the Development Program.


7. Packaging


In addition to funding, projects that successfully complete the Development Program will also benefit from our unprecedented packaging resources, relationships and track record which includes casting name talent, acquiring letters of intent for and/or international and domestic sales, distribution minimum guarantees, worldwide access to full-scale production services and a host of other production elements.

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