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1. Basic Consultation

This is a 90-day consultation period whereby Executive Producer Franco Sama will advise the filmmaker(s) on every aspect of their project and make recommendations based on years of experience and success.   Filmmaker(s) will have direct access to Mr. Sama Monday through Friday, during normal business hours via text and email and by phone by appointment.



2. Representative Consultant

This is (also) a 90-day consultation period that includes that listed above but also involves utilizing Executive Producer Franco Sama as your spokesperson whereby he will engage in any/all of your business associates including talent agents, managers, investors, distributors or any one mutually deemed appropriate.  



3. Consulting Producer

This scenario corresponds to the position described in the Samco Films Financing Forum workshop whereby Executive Producer Franco Sama becomes a “Consulting Producer” on your film project. What distinguishes this scenario from the two scenarios above is:​​ 

a) The term is extended from 90-days to 6-months.


b) In addition to the being your spokesperson, Executive Producer Franco Sama will actually bring an entire team of top-level professionals as resources to your project to provide services such as; budget, schedule, comprehensive script analysis, casting director consultant, production legal (attorney), Post Production Supervising Consultant and accurate and bankable worldwide sales valuations*


(*Each of the services listed above will require additional funds to hire/retain the professionals providing said service(s)).


Provided the filmmaker successfully completes the entire development program and fulfills their requirements as set forth in the terms-agreement, Executive Producer Franco Sama shall present the project to a multitude of potential investors for funding consideration 


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