An Independent Feature Documentary Film Project

The Untitled Fukushima Project

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant occurred on the March 11, 2011 when the Tōhoku earthquake created a giant tsunami. The giant tsunami breached the seawall protecting the plant and caused extensive damage. That damage included equipment failures that caused a “Loss of Coolant Accident” followed by a nuclear meltdowns resulting in the release of radioactive material on March 12. Fukushima is the largest nuclear disaster in history.

Although some of the information about the nuclear disaster has been revealed to the public, much has not. The citizens of Japan have been led to believe that the situation is under control, which it is not. Citizens of other nations, including the United States are not aware of the severity of the incident and how, even now, it is adversely them. As with most news reports, the public is only given small sound bite to tide them over until the next news story comes along. There is very little comprehensive reporting about the extent of the damage, the difficulties with the attempted clean up and the consequences to the world if things get worse.

The purpose of this documentary is to take up where the news agencies have woefully failed. The feature documentary is being developed on the nuclear radiation disaster in Japan since the initial May 12, 2011 incident occurred, problems of the Nuclear Power Industry worldwide, and what can we do to solve the problems.

Yoko Kubota

Executive Producer
Franco Sama

Yoko Kubota

Anatol Chavez

Michael Zampino

Associate Producer
Anonymous Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Worker

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