livingston gardnener

The Livingston Gardener

Serial killer Jim Gardener has been incarcerated and on the edge of his execution. Gardener has one last request: to be televised for an interview with the journalist of his choice, Pierce Lawrence. The law is against this, but the Governer, a man who holds on desperately to hope, allows it as his daughter has been one of undiscovered victims of the killer. What appears to be a ridiculous notion soon turns upside down when Gardener confesses to over a dozen victims still being alive. In shackles, on death row, and yet Gardener holds the power. Will the detective be able to beat Gardener at his own diabolical game?

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Directed by
Ryan Roy

Written by
Ryan Roy

Christine Elise
James Kyson
Lance E. Nichols

Produced by
Franco Sama
Bob Bates
Jared Hopkins
Bill Simonett
Jeff Tanner
Missy Spell Tanner

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