Bullrun Pictures Teams Up with Us On “The Wound”

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in News


The WoundBull Pen Pictures officially announced today their newly formed partnership with Executive Producer Franco Sama to bring the much anticipated feature motion picture “The Wound”, to the big screen.

The film, written and directed by “Ten Tall Tales” award winning director David Garrett, is based on a short film of the same name which premiered at the 2013 Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California where it garnered an encore screening. “Tales” which stars Jim Gaffigan, Josh Hamilton and Ally Sheedy, is set for distribution in August of this year.Set in a small seaside town in Maine, “The Wound” tells the story of a woman who is recovering from a hernia surgery when one day a voracious creature emerges from her surgical wound and eats her visiting nurse. The local sheriff quarantines her at a research lab where they discover her wound has become a portal to deep space and attracted a ravenous beast that soon threatens their town, which is filled with summer tourists.

Garrett’s unique voice combines dark humor with heartfelt themes as the story explores the subject of illness, the isolation it brings, the terror of losing control of your body, the helplessness of the hospital patient and the desire for community.

Sama, the CEO Samaco Films, recently released films including “Guns, Girls & Gambling” starring Gary Oldman and Christian Slater and the dramatic comedy “Petunia” starring Thora Birch, Christine Lahti and Brittany Snow, will serve as Executive Producer on the film.

Of the newly formed partnership Garrett said, “I am very excited to be working with Franco Sama. His extensive experience in independent film is invaluable to filmmakers and he has a great passion for the industry”.

Bull Run Pictures is the brainchild of David Garrett and collaborators Marijane Miller and Arianna Ortiz (who also stars in the short film). “Our focus is on compelling, intelligent, human stories adding fresh dimensions to established genres” says Ortiz.

“The Wound” is expected to enter into pre-production on early 2014.

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